Pharmacy, along with medicine and nursing forms the backbone of our health care system. We cannot afford to be left behind other developing nations in providing quality drugs to our masses and professional manpower to our health care institutions. We have to cater to the needs of this system by producing well qualified, professionally trained and highly competent pharmacists to perform the specialized tasks in their specific areas of activity, such as drug design, synthesis, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing and supply system, procurement, storage, distribution and use of drugs in industry, hospital setting or in community practice. In all advanced health care systems the support of a clinical pharmacist, who is a drug therapy consultant and drug information specialist, is considered vital. The Pharmacy institution of Swedish College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences is following the curriculum approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC) & Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP) based on the Annual examination system.

The program provides students with core knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values that are necessary to the provision of Pharmaceutical care. The professional courses in the Pharm-D curriculum consist of didactic material, laboratory courses , and practical experience in the patient care environment.

We Offer the programs:

  1. Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 5-Years Annual
  2. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 5-Years Annual
  3. BS Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) 4-Years Degree
  4. BS Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) 4-Years Degree
  5. BS Operation Theater Technology 4-Years Degree
  6. BS Chemistry 4-Years Degree
  7. BS Cosmetology & Dermatology 4-Years Degree
  8. BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics 4-Years Degree

Fee Structure: